We live in Brooklyn, so it gives me great pleasure to see my children getting up early in the morning to work in the garden or collect eggs or just wander independently - things they don't get to do at home.



Western Horseback Riding:

You can ride horses, whatever your skill level!

We have horses for beginners(click means go, whoa means stop) through advanced level riding. 

You can take a lesson from a trained instructor in the arena, play games on horseback, or take a guided trail ride into the Sierras.

You are always welcome at the barn to help wrangle, tack, and groom the horses, preparing them for the day’s activity.  You may want to try a bareback lesson for “becoming one” with the horse. (Bare-back pads are provided for a comfy ride.)

We are a working ranch so there may be an opportunity to move cattle from one field to another (Blazing Saddles ), or move the bull into the 3rd field with cows, or be a bush whacker and gather the herd of horses from the lake field in the early morning.


Vaulting is a favorite activity here on the Ranch.
Learn to do gymnastic routines on the back of a moving horse