My memories at the ranch have remained branded and are as crystal clear as the day they were created.




Our lake offers you a variety of activities-from relaxing to thrilling.  Hoist the sail, catch a tasty bass—it’s all happening at the lake.

You can relax and paddle around in kayaks enjoying the scenery and serenity.   Kayaks also provide fun and games with our certified instructors.

Canoes are a great way to team up with your child and paddle around together, or have a race with another canoe in “banana boats”.  That’s when you capsize and fill it with water, then try to race. Not as easy as you think and sure to create laughter.

Our sailboats are Suncatchers and teach the basic skills—enjoy when the breezes blow.

Rope-swinging is a highly developed activity at JRC. Campers have creatively invented numerous ways to swing off the rope.  Try an around the world or a head-skimmer.  
Some can even do back flips off the rope.

Just looking for a nice refreshing plunge to cool of from the summer heat?  
Stop by our pool to swim, splash, sunbathe, and relax.