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Family Camp

Aug 15 - 18, 2024

Join us for a memorable time and great fun for the entire family!


Our all inclusive packages cover lodging (of several types), 3 meals per day, and a variety of activities for each person in your family.


All activities: are free choice and open to all aged 6-106 years!!!! You can choose to do an activity as a family, or Mom and Dad can have their own adventures while responsible kids (6 and up) choose something else.

Meals are wonderful and you will find them a special time to share as a community. All families and staff enjoy meals together. Food is ranch-fresh from our garden and deliciously prepared from scratch. BBQ's in our outdoor kitchen area are loads of fun for you and the kids. 


Days are warm, sunny, relaxing and invigorating. 

Nights are cool, peaceful, and filled with the sounds of campfire singing, the glow of the autumn moon and the Milky Way. 


Come have the joy of family and the fun of the ranch to refresh your life!! 

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